Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tag Jr-Review of my own accord

This blog was originally started to post about what I've been doing fiber-wise. However, back in February for his second birthday, we bought my older son a Tag Junior so he could take an interest in reading. I didn't open it until recently, I kept forgetting to buy batteries for it but finally I did.

Let me tell you, the Tag Junior has helped immensely with the older one. He has lately been bringing books for me to read to him while I've been busy with the baby. Tag Junior now lets him listen to the books we buy for it without me having to read it to him.

The Tag Junior (for ages 2-4) hooks up to your computer by a USB cable so you can download up to 5 different books onto the reader, and you can change which books the reader holds. We currently have 4 different books for the reader which includes the book it came with. On your computer, you can personalize the reader to say your child's name, and if Leapfrog doesn't have your child's name on file, it gives you a list of nicknames you can choose from, like Baby, Buddy or Princess. You can also see what 5 books are on your reader and what books are in your library.

Each book that Leapfrog has for the Tag Junior focuses on different skills. The book the reader comes with, If I Were..., focuses on colors, animals and rhyming. Other books focus on vocabulary, sounds, rhythm and others.

My older son loves the fact that his TAG reader greets him when he turns it on, and is always using it! I definitely recommend getting this for the toddlers in your life!

The writer of this blog was not compensated in any way by LeapFrog, nor was she asked to write a positive review. The writer wrote this of her own accord so others could see how helpful the TAG Junior reader is.

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