Monday, April 12, 2010

Bohemia Fibers

For my birthday (April 11) my brother outright asked me what I wanted, figuring I would like a gift card to either AC Moore or Michaels. Well, I've recently joined the handmade movement, and I'd rather buy my craft supplies online if I can help it. I showed him THIS Etsy shop (I've been shopping a lot on Etsy lately) and told him I wanted a drop spindle. I've been itching to try and spin my own yarn after I heard about the therapeutic effects of doing it, just like knitting and crocheting.

My loving brother not only got me a drop spindle, he got me THIS drop spindle, which comes not only with an ounce of undyed top to practice with, it has two beautiful ounces of batts in their Ring of Kerry colorway. Quoted directly from the listing:

"Ring Of Kerry is a fluffy, soft as a cloud batt made from hand carded mixed wools, and dyed in a colorway inspired by the beautiful Ring Of Kerry in Ireland.

We've used ranges of brilliant greens, kerry blues, deep turquoise and seafoam, and sprinkled the batt with peacock glitz. We add in firestar at the very end dyed in a blue colorway to really get this batt sparkly!

This batt is gorgeous and should spin into a myriad of turquoises and greens."

I absolutely love the colors! They do offer a disclaimer with the listing too, for those who expect things to look exactly like the pictures posted:

"Each of our batts are unique, and although we use the same dyes in this particular color way for our wools, all batt color formations will vary when they are carded due to the fact that they're handmade. But they are all gorgeous!

All of our batts start with wools dyed with professional acid based dyes for fade resistant deep intense colors.
Please note that the dyes are set with natural white vinegar as a mordant to the dye and you may notice a slight scent from the dye process. This will wash out of your finished product."

Once you order, it's a couple of days before this is shipping, since they make the spindle after it's been ordered. Once I received it, I was as giddy as a schoolgirl opening the package. After reading the instructions (and watching a video on YouTube since I'm more of a visual learner) I began spinning. Like all beginners my yarn was lumpy and bumpy but I thoroughly enjoyed myself! The spindle is gorgeous in real life and handles so easily, like it knew what to do already!

Doesn't it look lovely? It's so smooth and the grain is lovely. If you're planning to learn to spin, know someone who wants to spin, or are just looking for another bottom whorl drop spindle, just go to
Bohemia Fibers. I wasn't disappointed and neither will you be!

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