Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Car Seat Blanket

I started a car seat blanket the other day for my mom to bring to a baby shower in less than two weeks. I figured out the foundationless half-double crochet! It took me a few tries but I must say, even though it does take a little longer and a little more concentration to use it, I prefer it to making a chain. I'll get better at in eventually.

I'm in a Merry Unbirthday swap over on Ravelry, and my swap partner really likes hand-dyed yarns. I'd love to get her a bunch but unfortunately I have to stay close to the minimum amount for the swap. I did get her a skein of really pretty yarn (which I want to keep for myself) and the seller sent a pack of knitting stitchmarkers with it. I also got her this really pretty tea wallet which I will put some packs of Peppermint Tea in, since it's really good for stomachaches. I'm also handsewing her a pretty little bag to keep a sock or armwarmer project in.

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