Saturday, April 24, 2010

Car Accident

My Sister-In_law was in a serious car accident late Tuesday afternoon. She was waiting at a red light behind a few other cars. There was space enough for another car between her car and the car behind her and some jerk decided to SPEED into the gap. Well he caused a 5 car accident and my sister-in-law was trapped in her car until help arrived. Her one ankle was dislocated, broken and right above her ankle, her tibia was fractured. Her other ankle is sprained and she has a few bumps and ugly looking bruises. I've been back and forth between home and the hospital along with other family members so she isn't alone and she's coming home tomorrow. We're all upset that this happened but we're thankful that she wasn't hurt worse.

Please share, what was one bad time in your life where you looked through and were able to find the good?

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