Monday, May 17, 2010

Mail Presents

Oh boy oh boy! I've won two giveaways at two different times, and both packages came in the mail today! The first was a Boogie Wipes giveaway. For those of you who don't know what Boogie Wipes are, you're missing out. When my second little one was born, he consistently had a stuffy nose and would get so upset that he was always crying. Wiping his nose with a tissue didn't get any dried boogies off, and his nose would get so red. My mother found Boogie Wipes while shopping one day and I LOVE them! They're like baby wipes, but they're just moistened with saline and lightly scented, or if your little one is sensitive to scents, they come unscented too! Gone were the days of little red noses and dried on boogies, and here are the days of little happy boys because mommy can wipe their noses without irritation! The prize box held two packages of Boogie Wipes, one the regular lightly scented, and the other is grape scented, mmm! Then there were a bunch of little single wipe packets in grape, lightly scented, and unscented. They arrived at such a great time too, with the weather constantly changing, I was almost out of Boogie Wipes!

The second giveaway is the second one I've won from Phat Fiber. One of my favorite shops, Desert Garden Farms, had sent in her Fruit Bat batts for a giveaway, and I won! I believe the fruit bat idea had come up when her and I were chatting when I bought one of each of her fruit batts, to try them out. We named it the fruit sampler and since bat and batt are just one 't' away in spelling, of course the fruit bat came up! I'm so excited to have won the fruit bat batt, I can't wait to spin it up and put it with my fruit yarns!