Thursday, February 25, 2010

Summer Garden Granny Squares

I started a new project yesterday evening called Summer Garden Granny Squares by Lucy at Attic24. If you haven't read her blog yet, here's the link: Attic24 Anyway, I plan to make a nice sized throw out of the Vanna's Choice Baby yarn I bought on Monday combined with the colors I already had. I'm currently at my parents house, have been stuck here all week because of our awful weather (tons of snow), so I can't work with the colors that are still at my apartment. I'll get to them eventually though and the squares that require those colors will have to be set aside.

I plan to start with 100 squares, then see how big that will make the throw. I can always make more squares to make it bigger, then a couple of rounds of granny square border like Lucy has on her throw. I wish I had the colors she does, and the lovely yarn she uses, but it's out of my price range unfortunately, and I'd have to order it online anyway. I'll post pictures of my progress on the throw (I'm making all the centers first, then adding the second rows, and so on) in my next post so keep on the lookout!

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