Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Blog

I didn't like my old blog very much, so I decided to start this one to keep track of my crocheting projects, yarn purchases and everyday life in general. I do wish for an extra day in the week where I can just, as the title of my blog says, crochet my heart out. I would love to sit with my two bins of yarn and just crochet the day away, but alas, with two little boys, that's not an option.

I love my two little boys though, Benjamin (Ben) was just born on February 2nd, and looks just like his older brother Stephen Jr (Stevie) who will be turning 2 on the 28th of February. I can't believe my little boy is turning two next week, he's just getting too big. He was mad at me at first for bringing Ben home, but he warmed up quickly and now won't leave Ben alone. Stevie keeps trying to wake him up to play with him, or kiss him or hug him, but he doesn't understand that Ben is just a baby, he's too little to talk, or play with Stevie's toys, and that Stevie has to be gentle with him. He'll learn though and for now I have to keep a close eye on Stevie when Ben is in the same room.

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  1. I love to crochet. You should post pics of your projects. Found your blog through Friday Follow.